Individuals$30.00 and up
Minks Extension$150.00 and up
Mink Touch-up$50.00 and up

Eyebrow Cleaning$12.00
Eyebrow Shaping$14.00
Full Face Wax$40.00
Lip + Brow Wax$19.00
Forehead Wax$12.00
Chin$12.00and up
Full Arms$30.00
Half Arms$22.00
Full Legs$45.00
Half Legs$30.00
Heavy Bikini$32.00
Semi Brazilian$30.00 and up

Shaping$12.00 / $14.00
Cleaning$8.00 / $9.00
Lip / Chin$17.00
Brow / Lip$17.00
Forehead / Brows$10.00 / $15.00
Cheeks / Sides$20.00
Full Face$30.00 and up

Basic Cleaning$35.00
Deep Cleaning$45.00
Gold Facial$50.00
Diamond Facial$60.00
Anti-aging Herbal Facial$65.00
Face Polish$25.00
Men's Facial$50.00 and up

Brow Tint$15.00
Eye Lashes Tint$20.00